About Lutnia Restaurant

The Lutnia Story

Our story is just as remarkable as is full of surprises and captivating as a fairytale. It began with a mesmerizing dinner for Marek Pieprzyk and his wife on Valentine’s Day in 1997. Romantic live piano music, impressive white table cloth, exquisite wine, and alluring fresh flowers inspired Mr. Pieprzyk so much that after two years of negotiations, he secured a purchase and became a proud owner of this exceptional restaurant.

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Lutnia is well-known in all of Chicago vicinity as it received numerous recognitions, honors and awards from North Shore Magazine, Chicago Food Industry, Entertaiment and others. Its unique settings, delectable cuisine and romantic atmosphere attracted famous politicians, cultural figures, and athletes such as Michal Wisniewski, Doda, late Kazmierz Górski, Henry Kacperczak, Władzimierz Lubański, Adam Malysz, Zbigniew Wodecki, Eleni, late Jerzy Kawalerowicz, Jerzy Bończak, Tadeusz Drozda and Magda Zawadzka. The Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is also no stranger to Lutnia and we can’t forget a visit of the legendary Michael Jordan who savored our dumplings with potatoes and cheese. We take pride in an extensive cuisine from all around the world such as hungarian cakes, duck in the fire, polish gołąbki, sausage and cabbage, french crepes, and steak a la Diana. crispy duck in oranges, beef a la Stroganoff and caesar salad with homemade sauce.

Infused with passion for excellence

Infused with passion for excellence, Marek Pieprzyk, who also owns Cosmopolitan Cleaning in Chicago, desired to transform his business into one of the most exclusive and finest restaurant in Chicago area. With that in mind, total renovations commenced in the spring of 2015 which, led to the discovery of not one but, two extraordinary treasures. First concealed finding was identified when the construction crew removed ceiling panels and layers of glue. After the evaluation, the inspectors from the City of Chicago Building Dept. were amazed with the irreproachable condition and exquisite motif of the ceiling. They were just as surprise to see this unique part of a history as the owner was. Experts estimate that this historic ceiling was constructed about 117 years ago, in times of prohibition and regime of the famous gangster Al Capone. To everyone’s surprise, yet another mysterious art was uncovered as the restoration specialists removed wallpaper, piece by piece from an adjacent wall. What they saw was just as stunning as the discovery – spectacular wall mural signed and painted in 1983 by famous polish painter Tadeusz Troczyński, now deceased. Although the owner feels that these discoveries are very special and will enrich and add value to the business, his primary passion and aspiration is to provide stupendous surroundings and atmosphere with soft live piano, dimmed lights, cozy fireplace, exceptional food and unforgettable memories that will last a life time.